Game's devlog

Test preview


Some pixel art

It appears people will held massive migrations either by bus, airplanes or ships.

Update Cocos2d

The new interface being build with Cocos2d now.

dev update 26.09.2012

Migrating from Pygame to Cocos2d, seems much more flexible for the game’s scopes. ATM working on click’n’drag functions, and animating the sprites.

Dev screenshot

Hello world (…strategist)!

Hi all! This is the official devlog for what’s going to be a strategy game about a zombie catastrophe. You get to be a sort of World Manager, trying to control the zombie infection’s spread. You’ll have a limited number of military units, engineers, bureaucrats and civil helpers to be positioned on different parts of the globe as the contagion propagates.

The objective is to control migrations, and try to content the spread as most as possible!

Assets and development news will be posted here. At the moment, the game is being developed entirely in Python using the Pygame module, and the sprites and backgrounds are being made in Photoshop, with a care for an 8bit look and feel. After all, the game is based on the first Civilization… 😉